Home Optional Add-on Systems & Appliances Warranty

Once you have selected which HSC home warranty plan is best suited for your home, you can expand the protection with additional options to ensure that your coverage is complete. Add-on systems and appliances home warranty coverage options can be added on to any homeowner or home buyer plan.

Disrupting the ways of a traditional home warranty where coverage is designed to protect the systems and appliances within your home, The Home Service Club’s Utility & Service Line coverage package helps protect your outside lines. A comprehensive, yet very affordable package with six covered categories helps protect your budget and peace of mind when an underground water line bursts in your backyard or the sewer line collapses, for example.

Does your home have systems that the average home does not such as a pool, a well pump, a sewage ejector pump, additional appliances, or any other systems not included in the home warranty plans? You can now fill in any of those coverage gaps with a variety of additional options designed specifically for the homes that need them.

Learn more about the optional add-on systems and appliances covered by a home warranty from The Home Service Club:

Utility & Service Line package

This comprehensive package expands your home warranty coverage beyond the walls of your home where some of the more expensive breakdowns occur. It covers repairs or replacements needed to remedy a covered breakdown in your water line, sewer line, gas line, electric/power line, sprinkler/home irrigation line, and your grinder pump station. Learn more about our Utility and Service Line Home Warranty Coverage.


Every house has a roof; it is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of your home. Not unlike anything else in the home, roofs experience occasional breaks and leaks. When a covered leak occurs, your HSC home warranty add-on coverage will assign a qualified roofing professional to your house to address the issue. Learn more about our Roof Home Warranty Coverage.

Pool & Spa

Nobody wants to be left in the hot summer weather with a beautiful but non-functioning pool in their backyard. Many parts and components of your pool and/or spa are covered under this additional coverage option, including the major ones such as motor and pump. Learn more about our Pool and Spa Home Warranty Coverage.

Spa and Spa Heater

A spa is not a spa without the heated water. When the spa heater breaks as they often do, it does not have to mean that the summer, or your budget, is ruined. The Home Service Club’s additional spa heater coverage option offers a broad coverage for your spa heater’s parts and components when they fail due to normal wear and tear. Learn more about our Spa Heater Warranty Coverage.

Sewage Ejector Pump

Being unable to pump the wastewater out of your home can mean a sewage back-up in your home, inability to use one or more plumbing fixtures, and a potential cleaning and sanitary disaster. That is what can happen when your sewage ejector pump stops working. Your HSC additional sewage ejector pump coverage option covers your pump when it fails as a result of normal wear and tear. Learn more about our Sewage Ejector Pump Home Warranty Coverage.

Well Pump

If your house gets its fresh water from a well, a functioning well pump is a crucial system in your home. When it fails from normal wear and tear, your additional home warranty well pump option from The Home Service Club will cover the covered pump for repairs or replacements. Learn more about our Well Pump Home Warranty Coverage.

Water Softener

As an important system in your home, when a water softener breaks, chances are it will require professional repair. Water softener coverage is an optional addition to any HSC home warranty plan and will be useful when covered malfunctions occur. Learn more about our Water Softener Home Warranty Coverage.

Jetted Bathtubs

Aside from the hassles you are faced with when your jetted bathtub malfunctions, such as cleaning leaks and looking for a professional repairman, you are also left being unable to enjoy that hot evening bath you have been waiting for. With the optional additional coverage for jetted bathtubs, your HSC home warranty will cover many if its parts and components when they fail. Learn more about our Jetted Bathtubs Home Warranty Coverage.

Refrigerators Built-in with Dual Compressors

Although your selected home warranty plans may already cover refrigerators, regardless of how many compressors they have, extra coverage is often needed when dealing with more complex and much more expensive dual-compressor, built-in refrigerators. For an additional fee, you can add significant extra coverage to your built-in dual compressor refrigerator home warranty. Learn more about our Refrigerators Built-in with Dual Compressors Home Warranty Coverage.

Freestanding Freezers

Same as refrigerators, freestanding freezers are always working. Even when you are not loading or unloading it, it keeps on running to keep your food frozen. With such constant use, occasional malfunctions are a part of life. Freestanding Freezers can be covered with your home warranty from The Home Service Club with this additional coverage option. Learn more about our Freestanding Freezer Home Warranty Coverage.

Sprinkler System / Home Irrigation System Line Coverage

Protect your wallet from expensive costs to repair or replace your sprinkler and home irrigation lines when they break from normal wear and tear. This option comes standard with the Utility & Service Line Coverage Package, but can also be added to your HSC home warranty plan as a stand-alone coverage option for an additional fee. Learn more about our Sprinkler System / Home Irrigation System Line Home Warranty Coverage.

The Home Service Club also offers coverage for any additional appliances you may have in your home. Whether it is an additional refrigeration or dishwasher, a back-up laundry unit, an extra freezer, icemaker, microwave, or any other additional appliances that your home may have, extra coverage can be purchased for them in addition to your HSC home warranty plan.

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