About The Home Service Club

We know Home Warranties. In fact, We have been providing the nations leading Home Warranty for over a decade.

Formed with the intention of creating a home warranty company that provides the highest level of customer service and customer satisfaction, the Home Service Club has grown to become the nation’s leading Home Warranty provider. Our main objective is to simplify home ownership and protect our clients from the great cost of sudden and unanticipated repairs. Our mission is to innovate the realm of home repairs so that homeowners never pay for repairs. Unexpected repairs can be a burden and can overtax a homeowners monthly budget. At the Home Service Club, we take pride in knowing that the work we do helps protect homeowners and their budgets. Our goal is to disrupt home repairs and upend the market entirely, by providing homeowners with a dependable service at a low rate.

The Home Service Club aims to be the first and only line of defense that a homeowner needs in the face of costly repairs and replacements of home systems and appliances. At the Home Service Club we are aware that within the decade most homes in America will be covered by a home warranty. As more and more homes across the country realize the benefits of Home Warranty, The Home Service Club aims to be the company of choice for homeowners.

As we persevere to disrupt the market, our mission remains the same. The Home Service Club continues to cover our clients malfunctioning systems and appliances with the fastest service and highest level customer care. Throughout the country, we have built a strong network of highly trained prescreened professionals that are prepared to serve our clients at a moment’s notice.

Our Dedication Endures

Since we are a leading Home Warranty company, we have the highest customer rating and are nationally recognized by leaders and experts in the industry. We have taken numerous awards, year after year from to list a few homewarrantyreviews.com, 2015 Best In Service Award 2016 Best In Service Award and 2017 Service Leader Award from yourhome1source.com as well as the 2018 Editors Choice Award and the 2019 Best in Service Award from homewarrantyreviews.com .

Yet, with all of our achievements, we do not rest on our laurels. Our team continues to strive to progress and disrupt the industry standards to create a higher level of service, with faster response times, and the best trained technicians that the industry has to offer.

We Have Earned National Recognition & Multiple Awards for Home Warranty Service