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There are some cities that are great to visit. There are some cities that make great to live in. And then there are a few cities that are both. Virginia Beach is one such city. Friendly residents and an easy-going atmosphere give visitors ample reason to stay. And Virginia Beach’s robust job market, exceptional schools, action packed recreation options, and ~40 miles of coastline just sweeten the deal. Taken all together, these attractions are turning this seas-side resort town into a sea-side resident town.

Virginia Beach is home to approximately 450,000 people, with homeowners accounting for about 63% of the population (according to the most recent US census information). But life on the coast isn’t always a day at the beach — particularly when it comes to owning a home. That’s why established Virginians and starry eyed newcomers (and Virginia Beach real estate agents) turn to home warranties to ensure that their vital home systems and appliances are protected.

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Virginia Beach — warm, sunny, and perfect, right? Sure, sometimes. But it can also be very cold and extremely windy. Summers also tend to be humid, forcing residents into their homes for some much needed climate controlled relief. And what happens when a home’s HVAC system decides to stop working? What happens when the wind starts knocking shingles off of roofs? What happens when your home systems and appliances fail, and aren’t covered by homeowners insurance?

You turn to a home warranty. Virginia Beach really can be a never ending vacation, with an effective home warranty solution. Home warranties cover the repair, replacement, and labor costs associated with most home systems and appliances. That means that when something breaks, all you need to do is contact your home warranty provider, and they’ll take care of the rest. And because homeowners aren’t the only ones who want to protect their valuable properties, they aren’t the only ones who benefit from a home warranty. Virginia Beach real estate agents can take advantage of home warranties to ensure that their listed properties are always ready to close.

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Thanks to the vibrant culture and resort-town recreational options, Virginia Beach is becoming one of the most popular cities on the East Coast. But if you’re considering settling in as a resident, take the time to find the right real estate agent to meet your needs.

There are some amazing Virginia Beach real estate agents who can help you find the home of your dreams. To help you connect with these agents and get your new life started off on the right foot, we’ve created this helpful list of the top real estate agents in Virginia Beach. Take a look, and get ready to turn “Resort Town” into “Hometown.”

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