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Bordering Portland, Oregon, Vancouver has the advantage of being a relatively small city with easy access to a much larger one. Visitors can enjoy local restaurants, historical attractions and a wealth of gorgeous outdoor activities befitting of the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, residents can enjoy cheaper housing prices than those of their neighbor, Portland, and a comfortable climate that rarely climbs above 80º F. 

Of course, despite the fairly mild temperatures, regular use still takes its toll on home systems and appliances. Nobody wants to deal with the fallout from a failed fridge or the agony of a busted A/C. Vancouver real estate agents and residents alike want to ensure their homes are running smoothly, which is where a home warranty comes in.

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Although both homeowner’s insurance and home warranties provide protection to a home, they are not interchangeable. Homeowner’s insurance protects a house’s structure, but won’t cover things like the dishwasher or the heating. That’s where home warranties come in: these cover home systems (like A/C or heating) and appliances (like refrigerators or washing machines) – when something breaks down, you can turn to your home warranty. Vancouver residents in particular might consider home warranties: a humid cold is not the sort of cold you want to approach without a heater.

The best part of a home warranty is how easy the process is to get appliances fixed: when something breaks, homeowners simply call their home warranty company. The company helps set up a time for a local expert to visit the home, assess the damage, and make any repairs necessary to get things up and running again. Best of all, homeowners only have to pay a small service fee for the fix – no footing the bill for expensive replacement parts or lengthy repair times. 

Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a home warranty. Vancouver real estate agents also enjoy the security that comes from investing in a warranty. Not only will it keep properties running smoothly for potential viewers, but homes with warranties are more attractive to buyers.

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Vancouver can be a great place to live. Its gorgeous views, mild weather and easy access to cities like Portland and Seattle only scratch the surface of why someone might want to live there. Unfortunately, moving isn’t always an easy process – trying to find a new home can start to seem like an impossible task.

Luckily, real estate agents can provide assistance that will make a house hunt run much more smoothly. Agents can quickly assess damage, pinpoint good neighborhoods and sometimes even offer homes that aren’t readily available on the public market. If you need help finding an agent who would be a good fit, check out our list of top real estate agents in Vancouver.

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