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What do you get when you combine a world’s-fair-worthy downtown with easy access to dozens of lake and nature trails, and then throw in some of the best education opportunities in the western United States? You get Spokane; that’s what. Considered by many to be the pacific Northwest’s best kept secret, the Lilac City boasts a low cost of living and high quality of life, making it a great place to start putting down roots.

According to the US Census Bureau, Spokane is home to about 220,000 people, 55% of which are homeowners. And when those homeowners need a level of property protection that’s not covered by traditional insurance, they turn to dependable home warranty solution tailor made for Spokane. Real estate agents can likewise enjoy the advantages offered by home warranties, ensuring that when new residents are ready to move in, available properties are in the right condition to receive them. Home warranties make it all possible.

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Hot, dry summers. Wet, cold winters. And storms? You bet. After all, Spokane sits in a unique place between the Cascades Range and the Rocky Mountains, and gets to experience multiple overlapping climates. And when the weather turns or the sun beats down, the last thing you want is for your HVAC system or water heater to conk out, or your roof to spring an unexpected leak. When these and other home systems and appliances fail, that’s when the home warranty steps in.

With the right home warranty, Spokane residents can enjoy the benefits of homeownership without the stress. And when something inevitably breaks, they have somewhere to turn. Should a covered appliance or system experience problems, the homeowner simply contacts their home warranty provider. The home warranty company then finds a reliable local contractor, sets up an appointments, and pays for any related repair or replacement costs (including labor). And homeowners aren’t the only ones who enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an effective home warranty. Spokane real estate agents also depend on home warranties to ensure that their listed properties are always in the best possible condition.

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With a fun atmosphere, low living costs, and easy access to some of the best that nature has to offer, Spokane is quickly becoming Eastern Washington’s cultural capital. And if you’re interested in becoming a Spokanite yourself, then you’ll need the right real estate agent to help make it happen.

that said, there are real estate agents, and then there are real estate agents, and telling them apart can be difficult if you don’t have access to reliable recommendations. Let us help! We’ve put together this list of the top real estate agents in Spokane. Give it a look, and see if Spokane life is the life for you!

Denise Fox

Activity Range: $52K – $1.2M

Tina Craig

Activity Range: $2.2K – $458K

Bill Fanning

Activity Range: $90K – $8.99M

Suzy Dix

Activity Range: $30K – $1.18M

Teresa Jaynes

Activity Range: $33K – $1.1M