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Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! Whether you’re exploring Pike Place Market, crossing Puget Sound by ferry, or enjoying the view from the Space Needle, you may find yourself singing this song in Seattle, where it rains on more than 150 days each year. But despite its reputation for overcast skies, Seattle has an overall moderate climate, meaning the temperatures don’t usually reach the same extremes as they do in many other cities. Even so, sweltering summer days and snow flurries alike can be seen in Seattle.

Many notable corporations, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Costco and Boeing, are headquartered in the Seattle area. Nearly 750,000 people live in Seattle, and about 46% of them are homeowners, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Seattle’s booming economy makes for a competitive housing market, and a home warranty in Seattle can be invaluable for protecting major appliances and maintaining the value of your home. The top real estate agents in Seattle know this and want to ensure that you are taken care of with an excellent home warranty.

Best Home Warranty in Seattle & Real Estate

Be careful not to confuse homeowner’s insurance with a home warranty. Seattle homeowners are required by lenders to have homeowner’s insurance when they purchase a home because it covers the overall value of the home — but it usually doesn’t cover the individual appliances. If your refrigerator, HVAC system or water heater breaks, you’ll want to have a home warranty in place to come to the rescue and keep you from having to pay for those big-ticket items on your own. With Seattle’s frequent rain and damp, chilly winters, the last thing you want is to suddenly have to pay for and coordinate having your water heater or heating system repaired or replaced.

The best Seattle real estate agents encourage homeowners to carry a home warranty in Seattle because along with being able to save you a lot of money, a home warranty can save you a lot of stress. If a covered system or appliance breaks, you can simply call your home warranty company and let them handle the rest. You pay only a small service fee or deductible, and you don’t have to personally arrange for a contractor to repair or replace anything — your home warranty company takes care of all that.

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If you’re looking to make your home in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a beautiful option with a thriving economy. However, moving to Seattle is no small feat; Seattle has one of the nation’s hottest housing markets, as reported by The Seattle Times, which means prices are high and the competition is fierce. However, the top real estate agents in Seattle are ready to help you navigate the market.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Seattle real estate agents who are ready to help you in your search and get you set up with the right home warranty for your needs. Check out the agents below to get started on your home search today!

Denise Fox

Activity Range: $52K – $1.2M

Tina Craig

Activity Range: $2.2K – $458K

Bill Fanning

Activity Range: $90K – $8.99M

Suzy Dix

Activity Range: $30K – $1.18M

Teresa Jaynes

Activity Range: $33K – $1.1M