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Just 20 minutes from the state capital, Scottsdale is known for its collection of golf courses and high end hotels. But with its constant supply of sunshine, Scottsdale is more than just a popular place to visit, it’s also a great place to live! The US Census Bureau reports a population of over 250,000, with 66% of the population owning homes.

Whether you’re a year-round resident or a snowbird looking to stay warm during the winter months, you want your home systems and appliances to keep working smoothly. After all, there’s little worse than being stuck without A/C in the summer! That’s why Scottsdale real estate agents and homeowners use home warranties to ensure their homes are always in tip-top shape.

Best Home Warranty in Scottsdale & Real Estate

A home warranty is different than homeowner’s insurance. While insurance might cover a home as a whole, it won’t cover appliances or home systems – that’s the job of a home warranty. Scottsdale residents in particular might consider home warranties, which can cover necessities like A/C, pools and refrigerators. With the average highs hitting over 100º F in the summer, keeping cool is worth the investment.

Of course, home warranties can cover a wide range of home systems and appliances and the best thing is, they are easy to use. When something breaks, home warranty owners simply call the company, who arranges for a trained expert to visit and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Along with the regular coverage fee, homeowners only have to pay small service fees for repairs – no need to cover the costs of potentially costly replacements! It’s easy, inexpensive and useful to have a home warranty.

Scottsdale real estate agents can also benefit from taking out home warranties on the properties they are selling. Home warranties can make homes more attractive to buyers and ensure that the properties are in pristine conditions.

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With access to gorgeous state parks, great schools and a vibrant downtown, Scottsdale is more than just a warm winter retreat – it can be a fantastic place to settle down. And home ownership doesn’t need to be left to the elements; keep systems and appliances protected with a good home warranty.

Scottsdale might be a great place to buy property, but if you’re overwhelmed by the process, consider finding a real estate agent to help. Unfortunately, there are tons of real estate agencies in Scottsdale and not every agent is created equal. To help you with your search, however, we’ve compiled a list of the top real estate agents in Scottsdale. Check it out below and start making your home ownership dreams a reality.

Jason Penrose

Activity Range: $189K – $1.6M

Lisa Wadey

Activity Range: $170K – $7.95M

Lisa & Matt Lucky, Broker Associate

Activity Range: $117K – $5M

Frank Aazami

Activity Range: $250K – $19.9M

Bob Hassett

Activity Range: $85K – $14M

Gregory Johnson

Activity Range: $55K – $1.1M

Laura Lucky

Activity Range: $485K – $5M

Joe Bushong

Activity Range: $499K – $4.45M

Kathy Reed

Activity Range: $165K – $4.25M

Kathleen Benoit

Activity Range:

Anne Morrissey

Activity Range: $185K – $3.5M