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It’s the second-most populous city in Texas and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It’s also the home of The Alamo. Remember the Alamo? We thought so.

More than 1.5 million people live in San Antonio, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which also says that 54.5% of the housing in San Antonio is owner-occupied. What about San Antonio is such a draw for so many people? For starters, it’s been around for a long time: It was initially settled as a Spanish mission and outpost in 1718 and just celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2018. It offers several historical sites, but it’s also home to many more modern attractions, including its famous River Walk, SeaWorld, and a Six Flags theme park. The San Antonio Spurs are also based in the city, which may interest you if you’re an NBA fan.

San Antonio has a booming job market, ranking No. 17 on workforce recruitment company Indeed’s 2018 list of the Best Cities for Job Seekers. The San Antonio real estate market is also going strong, so if you’re thinking of making a move to Texas, this could be the right time and place.

Whether you already live in San Antonio or are planning to purchase a home there, it’s a smart idea to work with one of the top real estate agents in San Antonio to make sure you protect your property against whatever comes your way. A good real estate agent can help you decide on and secure an excellent home warranty in San Antonio.

Best Home Warranty in San Antonio & Real Estate

The Alamo City has summers that are very long, hot, and humid — you’re going to want to crank up the air conditioning more often than not. San Antonio is also prone to flooding, and tornadoes and snow are not unheard of, though they occur infrequently. The point is, if you spend a little time in San Antonio, you’re likely to run into situations that can put a toll on your home’s systems and appliances. This is where a home warranty in San Antonio can be extremely helpful.

Traditional homeowners insurance doesn’t cover things like your water heater, HVAC, or plumbing. But with a home warranty, if you experience trouble with any of those or other covered appliances, you won’t have to worry. You just contact your home warranty provider, and they take care of everything for you.

San Antonio real estate agents can also benefit from having a home warranty on the properties they list, because a home warranty in San Antonio can keep things up and running and make the property more attractive to prospective buyers.

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If you’re thinking about making a move to San Antonio, or just want to put some extra protection on an existing property, you should seek help from one of the top real estate agents in San Antonio. They can help you find a place that works just right for you, and they can help you secure a home warranty that meets your needs.

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Activity Range: $150K – $3M

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