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There are some cities that help define an era of history. And then there are cities that define multiple eras of history — such as Richmond, Virginia. Founded by European colonists in 1737, Richmond grew to be a prominent city during the American Revolution (it’s where Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Liberty or Death” speech). Later, Richmond became central in the American Civil War, as the capital of the Confederacy, and was nearly destroyed as a result. Today, Richmond is often ranked among the best places in the world to visit, thanks to its vibrant culture and friendly atmosphere. And many of those visitors are deciding to stick around to become residents.

According to the US Census Bureau, Richmond boasts a population of more than 229,000 people, ~42% of which are homeowners. And as the city continues to revitalize and grow, it’s important that Richmond homeowners — new and established — have access to home protection for appliances and systems not covered by homeowners insurance. That’s why Richmond real estate agents and property owners rely on effective home warranty solutions.

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Richmond is sometimes known as “River City,” and there’s a reason for that; it’s located right on the bank of the James river. All that water gets into the air, and can make for some oppressively humid and hot summers. And the James River doesn’t always stay where it’s supposed to be, which can mean flooding in certain areas. And while Richmond generally enjoys mild winters, it can still experience severe weather, up to and including hurricanes. And when the humidity rises, the flood waters climb, or the wind starts tearing shingles off of roofs, residents need to know that their HVAC systems, drains, and roofs are protected. And should vital home components stop working, that’s when home warranties take over.

Home warranty coverage extends to protect the appliances and systems that aren’t covered by homeowners insurance. With the right home warranty, Richmond homeowners only have to contact their warranty provider when a covered system or appliance fails. From finding the right repair professional to covering any associated parts and labor costs, a home warranty takes the stress out of homeownership. And because homeowners aren’t the only ones who want their home systems and appliances functioning at their best, Richmond real estate agents are also putting home warranties to work to protect their listed properties.

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If you’re thinking about buying a home in Richmond, you can expect a dynamic culture, friendly community, and an extensive history. You can also expect some of the best and hardest working real estate agents in the country, ready to help you find the right home to fit your needs.

Of course, not every agent is the perfect fit. To ensure that you’re picking from the best, we’ve built a list of the top real estate agents in Richmond. Check it out, and get ready to start your new life in one of the most historically significant cities in the US!

John Thiel

Activity Range: $60K – $734K

Jenny Maraghy

Activity Range: $50K – $1.26M