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You probably know Pittsburgh best as the “Steel City” and as being the home of the Steelers. Pittsburgh is home to just over 300,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Most of these 300,000 are some of the most avid sports fans you’ll meet. The “City of Champions” is also home to the beloved Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The people of Pittsburgh are very passionate about their football, hockey, and baseball, and this helps create a very welcoming place to live.

On top of that, “The City of Bridges” offers plenty of beautiful views of the Pittsburgh skyline. You can enjoy these views while you enjoy common activities such as paddle boarding, whitewater rafting, or even on-the-water yoga. If you want to spend more time in the city center, you will never get tired of the amount of museums, restaurants, and other events that go on throughout the year. Some of these events include the Three Rivers Arts Festival and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The largest single-artist museum in the country, the Andy Warhol Museum, is also found in Pittsburgh along with the Pittsburgh Zoo which also features an aquarium. Nightlife in Pittsburgh includes plenty of dancing, live music, and bars found more on the south side.

Investing in real estate in Pittsburgh is a worthwhile venture, especially since housing costs are on the rise. Also known as Reinvention City, Pittsburgh is currently an attractive place to work because of the emergence of different industries and the growth of the job market. Pittsburgh is expanding in diversity since more jobs bring in more types of people. 

While the job market is steadily and consistently increasing, the weather in Pittsburgh can fluctuate and is sometimes unpredictable, especially in the spring and fall. In the summer and winter, you tend to see both extremes. Having proper air conditioning and heating during all four seasons is a big deal in Pittsburgh. Having a top real estate agent in Pittsburgh by your side during every season is extremely beneficial. A steady real estate agent can help you protect your home and make sure all your appliances are protected as well.

Best Home Warranty in Pittsburgh & Real Estate

The best way to make sure you air conditioning and heating are protected year-round is by having a home warranty. Pittsburgh weather is always up and down and you will be using your air conditioning and heating non-stop. This can put wear and tear and your appliances more quickly and it is smart to make sure that they are protected so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary repairs.

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Home Protection Plans & Real Estate in Pittsburgh

While real estate in Pittsburgh is becoming more and more valuable, it becomes more important that you have a top real estate agent to help you make decisions about your home warranty. Pittsburgh has a great selection of some of the best real estate agents to get you started.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top real estate agents in Pittsburgh to help you ensure that all your appliances and systems in your home are protected at all times.

Lori Hummel

Activity Range: $110K – $1.2M

Rob Strohm

Activity Range: $89.9K – $829K

Racheallee Lacek

Activity Range: $150K – $799K