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Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain! Roughly 650,000 people call Oklahoma City home, and about 58.8% of OKC’s housing is owner-occupied, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With a move to Oklahoma City, you’ll be at the center of one of the biggest livestock markets in the world, though the biggest player in the local economy is in energy resources such as petroleum, oil, and natural gas.

You can take a water taxi to get around downtown, and enjoy visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, which features the largest collection of Dale Chihuly glass art in the world. Performances by the Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, and Oklahoma City Opera, and touring Broadway productions can be seen at the Civic Center Music Hall. For something different, you can visit the Museum of Osteology — a museum featuring more than 300 animal skeletons, and a unique museum in the United States. Sports fans can enjoy cheering for the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder and other professional sports teams.

Right in the middle of Tornado Alley, Oklahoma City gets more than its share of tornados, hailstorms and thunderstorms. Winters are cold with light snow, and summers are very hot and humid. All of this means that as a homeowner, you will rely heavily on your heating and air conditioning to keep things comfortable, and that regular use can lead to wear and tear that means your systems will need to be replaced sooner or later.

It’s not a bad idea to make replacing and repairing your home’s systems and appliances easier on yourself by getting a home warranty in Oklahoma City. A home warranty can help you to save money on repairs and also preserve the value of your Oklahoma City real estate.

Best Home Warranty in Oklahoma City & Real Estate

A home warranty in Oklahoma City can be integral to living comfortably within your home and your budget, especially with so much extreme weather each year. While home insurance protects your house against structural damage, a home warranty can protect the components within your house, such as your water heater, HVAC, and plumbing.

Having a home warranty in Oklahoma City can also save you a lot of stress when things do break down. All it takes to get things fixed is a call to your home warranty company and a small service fee. They take care of the scheduling, hiring, and payment for a licensed contractor to repair or replace your system or appliance. When selecting a home warranty, it’s a good idea to work with one of the top real estate agents in Oklahoma City to ensure you’re getting the best price and coverage for your needs.

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Don’t go it alone when it comes to purchasing Oklahoma City real estate or adding a home warranty. While life in Oklahoma can take on a slower pace than in other parts of the country, it faces meteorological dangers you won’t experience in many other places — and those can put your home systems and appliances at greater risk.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top real estate agents in Oklahoma City who can help you with finding and protecting your new home. Reach out to one of the agents listed below to get started!