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It’s hard to find a city with a more exciting nightlife than New Orleans! One of America’s most fascinating cities, New Orleans (that’s “New OR-lins,” though it’s mistakenly pronounced as “New Or-LEANS” by many an outsider) is so much greater than the sum of its parts, though the parts are interesting enough. Also known as the “Big Easy,” New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz music, the heart of Creole cuisine, and home to the famous Mardi Gras celebration.

In 2005, much of New Orleans was flooded by Hurricane Katrina, and the city is still working toward full recovery. However, close to 400,000 people now call the city home, and nearly 50 percent of New Orleans real estate is owner-occupied, says the U.S. Census Bureau. As redevelopment continues, it’s a wise idea for you to work with one of the top real estate agents in New Orleans if you’re planning to move there. A good agent can help you to find an amazing piece of property and to protect it with the right home warranty.

Best Home Warranty in New Orleans & Real Estate

Why is a home warranty in New Orleans so important? Virtually all homeowners will carry home insurance, which protects the overall property in the event of a disaster, but less well-known is the need for a home warranty, which protects systems and appliances within the home. 

In New Orleans, where high temperatures and humidity rule the summer, air conditioning is especially appreciated. But what happens if your system abruptly stops working? Without a home warranty, you’ll be scrambling to find and pay a trustworthy technician to repair your system. But if you have a good home warranty already in place, you can simply contact your home warranty company and then sit back while they arrange and fund the work — all you have to do is give them a heads up about the issue and pay a small deductible. 

Putting a good home warranty into place is easy if you have the help of one of the top real estate agents in New Orleans. These agents are familiar with the New Orleans real estate market and with the coverage you’ll need to enjoy the best value and service when it comes to protecting your home’s systems and appliances — leaving you with more time and money to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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Home Protection Plans & Real Estate in New Orleans

As New Orleans continues to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, plenty of great opportunities abound for entering the real estate market and building a home in this historic city. 

It should be no surprise that the best way to navigate the New Orleans real estate market is with an experienced and knowledgeable agent who can help you identify the area that’s right for you and the best home warranty New Orleans residents could need. 

Check out our list of the top real estate agents in New Orleans to get in touch with someone and begin your search for a house and home warranty in New Orleans today!

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