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Looking at Minneapolis today, you’d have no idea it got its start as a hub for processing timber and milling flour. An epicenter of arts and music, home to several major sports teams, and the headquarters location for major companies such as Target, Minneapolis is a vibrant city with plenty to offer people of all interests and backgrounds. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Minneapolis’ population now tops 425,000 people — though its metropolitan area holds more than 3 million more — with 47 percent of the city’s housing owner-occupied. During the hot, humid summer, many residents take advantage of the beautiful scenery, with creeks, trails, lakes and woods all in abundance. Come winter, however, it’s time to hunker down; the average high temperature is below freezing from December through February, and the average low is less than 13 degrees. Brrr!

It’s a truly miserable experience when your heating system fails in the midst of a Minnesota winter, but even worse is having to arrange and pay for its repair. For this reason, Minneapolis real estate agents should look out for their clients and recommend they invest in a home warranty to protect themselves and their property through whatever they may face.

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A home warranty in Minneapolis protects you and your home if a vital appliances or home system ceases to function correctly. If a covered appliance or system in your home fails and you have a home warranty, all you have to do to get it fixed is contact your home warranty company and pay a small service fee. The home warranty company handles the rest, from arranging for a skilled contractor to make the repairs, to covering the costs associated with parts and labor. Put simply, a home warranty removes the headache and protects your bank account when something goes wrong in your home.

Getting things fixed quickly is particularly important in Minneapolis, as one broken component of your home can cause a chain reaction that causes even more damage. For example, if your heating system goes out when it’s -20 degrees outside, you’re at risk of your pipes freezing, which could lead to plumbing problems and burst pipes and flooding — you get the picture.

The top real estate agents in Minneapolis can also benefit when they offer their clients a home warranty. Prospective homebuyers are likely to want a home warranty for all of the benefits it provides, and therefore are more likely to be pleased with the service of a Minneapolis real estate agent who provides one.

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While Minnesota winters can be incredibly harsh, the summers are proportionately beautiful. With the beautiful scenery, thriving economy, and so much to do no matter your interests, the Twin Cities area is a draw for many people. A home warranty in Minneapolis can help you enjoy the area to the fullest, whatever the weather.

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