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Missouri’s fastest growing city, Columbia is a great place for visitors and residents alike. From historical sites to outdoor activities to fabulous local eateries, there’s plenty to experience and enjoy in Columbia. With winters that rarely dip below 20º F and summers that often don’t rise above 90º, Columbia’s climate avoids some of the extremes that other places experience, like scorching heat or frigid winters.

That said, even if the weather doesn’t hit major extremes, your home systems and appliances are still at risk of breaking down. After all, daily use takes its toll and the last thing you want is to be caught in a humid, 85º summer with a broken air conditioning system. That’s why Columbia real estate agents and residents alike should consider investing in a home warranty.

Best Home Warranty in Columbia & Real Estate

It’s a common mistake to assume home warranties are the same as homeowners insurance, but if something like your oven breaks down, you’ll learn pretty quick that homeowners insurance does not have the same coverage. If you want to protect appliances, like your fridge, or home systems, like the A/C, you’ll need more than your homeowners insurance.

To ensure everything runs properly, you’ll want to invest in a home warranty. Columbia residents in particular enjoy the peace of mind. If their air conditioning system fails during one of the humid summer days, for instance, they won’t have to sweat over the repair process. Instead, the home warranty company will help get everything back up and running quickly and easily.

The process is simple: when vital home systems and appliances fail, homeowners contact their home warranty provider. Next, the home warranty company quickly locates a highly rated home repair professional, sets up an appointment, and covers the costs of labor and replacement parts. In short, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about anything; home warranty takes care of the problem.

Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who get to take advantage of the benefits of a home warranty. Columbia real estate agents also enjoy the security that comes from home warranty coverage — ensuring that the properties they’re showing to potential buyers are always in tip-top shape.

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Home Protection Plans & Real Estate in Columbia

Relocating to the university town of Columbia, Missouri, is an exciting venture. Residents will be able to enjoy the Francis Quadrangle or Finger Lakes State Park as they explore their new home. Of course, house hunting can be a long, tedious process. Real estate agents can speed things up – and offer exclusive properties – but finding the right agent can be a chore in its own right.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you and created a list of the top real estate agents in Columbia. Stop the hunt for real estate agents and start looking for houses in earnest today.

Tripp Montgomery

Activity Range: $24.9K – $380K

Jeff Riley

Activity Range: $10K – $1.7M

Ken Queen, Agent

Activity Range: $23.5K – $1.95M

Brent Downing, Broker/Owner

Activity Range: $55K – $1.6M

Linda Frierdich

Activity Range: $13K – $969K

Jackie Bulgin

Activity Range: $30K – $625K

Tim Thomason

Activity Range: $29.9K – $5.5M