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A city with a rich and diverse history, Cleveland has bounced back from some difficult times into a modern day renaissance era. Enticing museums, a diverse mix of cultural heritages, a growing economy, and a lower-than-average cost of living all combine to make Cleveland an enticing option for those looking for a new hometown to call their own. And thanks to Cleveland’s small town feel (despite being the second most populous city in Ohio), more and more families, professionals, and students are starting to “flee to the Cleve” — and aren’t looking back. 

As of the most recent data from the US Census Bureau, Cleveland hosts a population of approximately 400,000 people, and about 42% of that population owns homes. That makes for a lot of Cleveland homeowners! And as more and more Cleveland visitors are deciding to become permanent residents, established homeowners and starry-eyed newcomers are putting their properties in the hands of effective home warranties. Cleveland real estate agents are investing in home warranties as well. Why? Because home warranties take over where homeowners insurance stops, offering essential protection for vital home systems and appliances.

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In choosing a home warranty, residents of the Forest City need something that can keep up with the changing weather (and significant snowfall) common to the region. And when the elements start causing trouble, the last thing you want is to have to handle the hassle and cost of a broken water heater or faulty HVAC system. When these and other important home systems and appliances fail, that’s where a home warranty steps in. 

To use a home warranty, Cleveland residents simply contact their warranty provider when a covered home component fails. The home warranty company then handles the rest — taking care of all of the details and costs associated with finding and hiring a top-rated local repair person. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and (perhaps best of all) it’s stress free. And homeowners aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the protection and peace of mind offered by a home warranty in Cleveland; real estate agents depend on home warranty solutions to ensure that their listed properties are always ready for possible buyers.

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If you’re interested in making Cleveland your new home, you can expect an amazing culture, a growing economy, and an atmosphere that never gets old. You can also expect access to knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professionals.

Cleveland real estate agents are there to help you find the right home for your needs. And, to help you find the right agent to meet your unique needs, we’ve created this list of the top real estate agents in Cleveland. Check it out, and get ready for your new life in America’s North Coast.

Brian Workman

Activity Range: $12.5K – $1.1M

Rob Strohm

Activity Range: $11.9K – $4.3M