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The Suggestion of the breeze blowing through noble skyscrapers. The stirring of a city with a wealth of history. With rich music, diversity and a deep cultural flavor, Chicago has something for everyone.  Chicago is known as the “Windy City,” and yes, it does get pretty windy (sometimes it’s just pointless to have an umbrella when it’s raining).   Although Chicagoans complain about the weather they Also know how lucky they are to live in a city with so much to offer.

Having a beach so close to the city is absolutely awesome. In the summertime, the bike paths along Lake Michigan and Lakeshore Drive are mobbed with folks enjoying the city’s beauty for miles and miles. Nothing compares to spending a day playing volleyball at North Beach followed by taking a walk down Navy Pier or through the city along the Chicago River as a lovely way to end a Chicago evening.

Chicago sports fans are awesome, Chicago teams are amazing and the stadiums are national landmarks. The city is buzzing whenever there’s a game on and it’s anyone’s dream to one day get floor seats at a Bulls game.  It’s a city with real die-hard Cubs, White Sox and Bulls fans.

To build the city we see today, engineers had to raise the level of central Chicago. Streets.  Sidewalks and buildings were built up or substantially raised up on jacks. Chicago is a city  that houses some of the greatest American architecture.  An amateur with an untrained would marvel at buildings like Willis Tower, Aon Center and the Aqua building.  With everything that it has to offer, it’s now wonder Chicago attracts so many residents with a population of 2,695,624.

Mix the New York hustle with a mid-western generosity and you get Chicagoans. Chicago folk have some of that rust-belt, blue-collar edge along with the smart swagger of a major urban socialite. Individuals make the city, and the city definitely makes the people.

Best Home Warranty in Chicago & Real Estate

Chicago lies midway between the Continental Divide and the Atlantic Ocean, and is 900 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Chicago’s climate is typically continental with cold winters, warm summers, and frequent short fluctuations in temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and wind direction.

Chicago’s climate is owing to its location, roughly midway between the equator and the North Pole and in the interior of a large continent. These conditions generate relatively large annual and day-to-day swings in temperature. Precipitation increases during the warm half of the year. The proximity of Lake Michigan to the city generates a lake effect— Northeast winds in winter can produce heavy, lake-effect snowfalls. 

As such, if you’re living in Chicago, you’re going to need a dependable heater and AC unit for your home. On the other hand, Chicago experiences above average precipitation year round, and that means flooding and drainage problems are also something to be aware of. Unfortunately, the normal wear and tear that comes from homeownership can end up putting these (and other) home systems and appliances out of commision. That’s where home warranties come in.

Learn the benefits of a home warranty


Home Protection Plans & Real Estate in Chicago

A home warranty protects the appliances and systems not covered by traditional homeowners insurance. With the right home warranty, Chicago residents have somewhere to turn when these systems and appliances inevitably fail; they simply contact their home warranty provider when things go wrong, and the provider takes care of everything else. From finding a local repair professional, to setting up an appointment and covering the cost of repairs, replacements, and labor, the home warranty company handles the hard part. But homeowners aren’t the only ones who benefit from a home warranty. Chicago real estate agents put dependable home warranty coverage to use, ensuring that their homes and properties are always in the best possible condition for potential buyers.

Considering buying a home in Chicago? With a friendly culture, exciting attractions, and a bright future, Chicago has a lot to offer new residents. But before you start putting down roots, you’ll need to find the right real estate agent for your needs.

Chicago real estate agents are ready and eager to put you in the home of your dreams. And so that you can be sure that you’re working with an agent who can make it happen, we’ve compiled a list of the top real estate agents in Chicago. Check it out, and get ready to enjoy your new life in one of the friendliest cities in America.

Chaz Walters

Activity Range:

Chezi Rafaeli

Activity Range: $350 – $9.4M

Jennifer Ames, Agent

Activity Range: $14K – $9.4M