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The oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston is known for its great food, interesting history, and gorgeous architecture. But Charleston is more than just a great tourist location, it’s a fantastic place to live. With moderate temperatures – rarely dipping below 30º F or above 90º – and friendly residents, Charleston is a great place to settle down! Join over 400,000 people who already call Charleston their home.

Of course, despite the temperate weather, Charleston’s humidity, which averages about 86%, can take a toll on home systems and appliances — and that’s not to mention the wear and tear that comes from normal usage. That’s why Charleston real estate agents and residents alike should consider home warranties to protect their property.

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It’s a common mistake to assume home warranties are the same as homeowners insurance, but these are actually two different things. Insurance covers the general home, but it won’t cover appliances, like your fridge, or home systems, like the A/C. If you want to ensure everything runs properly, you’ll want to invest in a home warranty. Charleston residents in particular enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if their air conditioning system fails during one of Charleston’s humid summer days, they’ll be able to get everything back up and running quickly and easily.

When vital home systems and appliances fail, homeowners simply contact their home warranty provider. The home warranty company then quickly locates a highly rated home repair professional, sets up an appointment, and covers the costs associated with the repair/replacement service (including labor). The home warranty takes care of the problem; the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about anything. Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who get to take advantage of the benefits of a home warranty. Charleston real estate agents also enjoy the security that comes from home warranty coverage — ensuring that the properties they’re showing to potential buyers are always in tip-top shape.

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Thinking about purchasing a home in Charleston? With a great climate and amazing culture, it’s no wonder that Charleston is attracting so many new residents. Finding the right real estate agent will help ensure that you find the right property to fit your needs.

Charleston real estate agents have what it takes to ensure that your homebuying experience is a positive one. Of course, some agents are a better fit than other. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top real estate agents in Charleston. Check it out, and take your first step towards a new life in Charleston!