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If U.S. history is your passion, Baltimore is a great place to live. “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written in Baltimore during the War of 1812, and almost one-third of the buildings in the city are listed on the National Register as historic. Baltimore features 72 different designated historic districts and is only 40 miles from Washington, D.C., so there is plenty more to see and do in the area. Major attractions in Baltimore include the National Aquarium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. 

When it comes to jobs, Baltimore was historically an industrial town dealing heavily in steel, auto manufacturing, shipping and transportation. In more recent years, the economy has shifted toward technology and services. Two of the city’s largest employers are now Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital. More than 600,000 people call Baltimore home, with 47.4% of the housing owner-occupied, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

Baltimore’s climate is humid with chilly winters that often see snow and freezing rain and sleet, and summers bring frequent thunderstorms. Extra rain brought in by hurricanes can also cause flooding in Baltimore. Because the weather can vary so greatly, it’s important for owners of Baltimore real estate to protect their systems from the wear and tear of daily use by getting a home warranty.

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Just why is it so important to have a home warranty in Baltimore? The top real estate agents in Baltimore recommend home warranties because they can help preserve the value of your home by keeping systems fully operational. They also protect homeowners from facing steep unexpected costs if things go wrong outside of what home insurance would cover.

Home insurance is helpful when it comes to protecting the structure of your home from accidents and natural disasters — fire, flood, etc. — but when it comes to things like your plumping, HVAC, water heater, oven, and more, it’s a home warranty that provides coverage. If one of those systems or appliances stops working, a home warranty will shoulder the bulk of the cost and all of the headache for getting things up and running again.

Getting a home warranty in Baltimore can be crucial for protecting your plumbing, heating, and appliances. As you consider difference Baltimore real estate options, take note of where you might want to add a layer of protection with a home warranty.

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We highly recommend reaching out to one of the top real estate agents in Baltimore to help you with your search for a house and a home warranty. Especially in areas where the home you purchase may be older, it’s essential to protect aging systems and appliances to maintain the value of your property. And even if your home is new, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

If you’re ready to start looking at Baltimore real estate and to learn more about what kind of home warranty in Baltimore will be best for your situation, you can get expert advice by reaching out to one of our recommended real estate agents listed below.