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You don’t have to feel the call of the wild to want to move to Anchorage, Alaska — though it may help to have an adventurous streak, as it’s not uncommon to see a bear or moose wandering within city limits. Nestled alongside the Chugach Mountains in south-central Alaska, Anchorage is the most populous city in the state with nearly 300,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  
The key industries in Anchorage are military, transportation, government, natural resources, and tourism. About 10 percent of Anchorage’s population is made up of military members and their families, and though Juneau, rather than Anchorage, is the capital of Alaska, nearly twice as many state employees work in Anchorage (6,800 to Juneau’s 3,800). More of the housing is owner-occupied in Anchorage compared to many other U.S. cities, at 60.1%.
If you live in Anchorage, you have in your backyard hundreds of miles of wilderness in which to play, whether you enjoy fishing, boating, camping, hiking, hunting, biking and more. You get to experience the Northern Lights, the start of the Iditarod sled dog race, and museums teaching about native cultures.

As you’ve probably guessed, Alaska does get very cold. Its subarctic climate can plunge temperatures well below freezing during the winter, meaning you’ll be relying heavily on your home’s heating system to keep warm. If you’re thinking about entering the Anchorage real estate market, you should consider working with one of the top real estate agents in Anchorage to set you up with a great home warranty.

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While home insurance protects your home from disasters — fire, flood, etc. — a home warranty in Anchorage covers the systems and appliances that traditional home insurance doesn’t. That may include your water heater, air conditioner, furnace, dishwasher, and more. If one of those things breaks, it’s not as big of a deal if you have a home warranty in place. The home warranty shoulders the bulk of the cost and all of the headache for getting things repaired or replaced.

Don’t let yourself be caught stuck in the cold in your own home during winter in Alaska. Consider a home warranty in Anchorage to protect your heating, plumbing and other systems and appliances. As you explore Anchorage real estate options, make a note of what may be in the home that could use protection through a home warranty.

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Having one of the top real estate agents in Anchorage on your side can help you to get into the right home and home warranty for you and your family. Regardless of what part of beautiful Anchorage calls to you, you’ll be braving the same elements as everyone else there, and it’s a good idea to be prepared.

You can begin looking at Anchorage real estate and learning more about getting a home warranty in Anchorage today with help from one of the highly recommended agents listed below. And best of luck out there!