Home Appliance Warranty

Cooking meals, storing food, washing dishes, and the never ending laundry are all daily aspects of our lives. Home appliances have become an integral part of our day-to-day routine and it is difficult to imagine life without them. With a home warranty from The Home Service Club, you won’t have to.

All appliances break down. It is a fact of homeownership. Malfunctions are a part of owning and using appliances and breakdowns are simply inevitable. An HSC home warranty plan helps protect you from the stress and the high costs of having to repair or replace your appliances. Unlike your homeowner’s insurance policy which covers your home from rare perils such as fire, lightning, hail, flood, or windstorm, for example, your HSC home warranty covers specifically what the insurance does not: breakdowns due to normal wear and tear from normal use of the item.

When a trusted appliance breaks down, all you would have to do is request service through your home warranty plan. The Home Service Club will then connect you to the right service provider needed for the specific issue you are experiencing. When an estimate is approved, you will just pay your deductible and the covered appliance will be repaired or replaced through your home warranty. Additional charges may apply depending on needed repair or replacement.

Learn more about the household appliances covered by a home warranty from The Home Service Club:


Your refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home. Even when you are not loading or unloading it, it is on and working each and every day. With such regular use, breakdowns from wear and tear are inevitable. Your Home Service Club home warranty covers many parts and components of your refrigerator when such breakdowns occur. Learn more about our Refrigerator Home Warranty Coverage.

Oven Range and Cooktops

A hungry family is not a happy family and eating out can be expensive. Without a working stove and the ability to make meals, your daily life is negatively impacted. Your Home Service Club home warranty will help get your covered oven repaired or replaced. Learn more about our Oven Range & Cooktops Systems Home Warranty Coverage.


A dishwasher is a trusted helper in your kitchen. When it breaks, it means a lot of daily dirty dishes and a possible mess on your kitchen floor. A home warranty from The Home Service Club covers your dishwasher when it breaks due to normal wear and tear. Learn more about our Dishwasher Home Warranty Coverage.

Washing Machines

When your clothes washer which you rely on for your laundry breaks, you are left with dirty clothes that continuously pile up. Trips to a laundromat will cost you effort, time, and money. Your HSC home warranty offers coverage for your clothes washing machine when it experiences a breakdown. Learn more about our Washing Machine Warranty Coverage.

Clothes Dryer

Even when well maintained and filters routinely changed, dryers malfunction leaving you without the ability to finish your laundry. HSC will connect you to a qualified service professional and will repair or replace your covered dryer per the home warranty terms. Learn more about our Clothes Dryer Home Warranty Coverage.

Free Standing Ice Makers

A free standing ice maker is a helpful addition to your home, especially if your freezer does not have one. If you have a free standing ice maker in your home, it will be covered for repairs or replacements by your HSC home warranty plan. Learn more about our Free Standing Ice Maker Home Warranty Coverage.

Built-in Microwaves

As one of America’s favorite appliances, there is a microwave in every home. When your microwave malfunctions, you can rely on your home warranty from The Home Service Club to repair or replace its covered parts and components. Learn more about our Microwave Home Warranty Coverage.

Trash Compactors

When your trash compactor stops working, fixing it can get expensive. Your home warranty from The Home Service Club will not only connect you to a qualified, professional service contractor, but will cover its parts and components per home warranty terms. Learn more about our Trash Compactor Home Warranty Coverage.

Food Centers Built-in

As a convenient addition to any kitchen, a built-in food center is subject to its own share of malfunctions and wear and tear. A home warranty from The Home Service Club covers most parts and components of your built-in food center when a breakdown occurs. Learn more about our Built-in Food Center Home Warranty Coverage.

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